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[May 2022] performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 4: Bergen (NO).

This edition will be in collaboration with Performance Art Bergen and be a PAB Lokal event which will take place at Skomakerdiket, Fløyen, in Bergen (NO) with a focus on natural/cultural environments. Program details can be found here:

[August 2021] performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3: soundings Helsinki (FI).

The first part of performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3 will be held in Helsinki from September 18.-27. 2021. The thematic frame for this edition is soundings in performance and includes different ways to use sound as a tool, material, and theme, spanning from music compositions to performance art exploring a conceptual use of sound. This frames both amplified and non-amplified sound, performances in public space, and active listening exercises. The first announcements and program details can be found here:

[August 2021] documentation and scores from performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 2: Walking Protocols II [Gå-protokoller] is now online.

This includes some of the scores and protocols to be performed whereever you are, as well as photo documentation, and a radio feature about the event. It can all be found here:

[July 2021] performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3: Soundings will be in Helsinki (FI) from September 18. 2021

This third edition will activate many different places and sounds around Helsinki and it includes a performance score exhibition in the transcultural project space Third Space, performances in and around there, in public space, and in the sound art gallery Akusmata. As has been the case in other editions of Nordic Sessions, the program will include both local performances and remote scores. The program will be made official in mid August, but mark your calendars already now for the opening performance on September 18th, taking place outside (details TBA).

[April 2021] performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 2: Walking Protocols II [Gå-protokoller] in Copenhagen on May 8. and 9. 2021

This second offline event takes place over two days in the Nørrebro-part of Copenhagen with the exhibition venue Lokale as its anchoring point. The artists featured in this event are Mette Kit Jensen, Kristoffer Ørum and Tomas Skovgaard, who all have created walking protocols which focuse on the senses, local places and movement around in the local urban space. Additionally, the score by Norwegian performance artist Anette Friedrich Johannessen which was a part of the first online exhibition Walking Protocols I (2019) is a part of this event as well, adapted to the environment of Folkets Park, situated next to Lokale, Griffenfeldtsgade 27, Copenhagen N. Read more about on the event here.

[March 2021] future planning and performance protocols online intervention # 2: Listening Scores [Reykjavík]

The performance protocols platform is as we speak scheduling its future events, which due to Covid19 takes a bit longer to plan. News regarding these events will be published on this site soon.
We are in these times additionally expanding our online interventions-feature, and the next one to be published is Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen's project Listening Scores [Reykjavík], a process which was created in March 2020 at the SÍM (The Icelandic Artist Association) residency in Reykjavík (IS). Due to Covid19, these scores were newer implemented in the city and exhibited at the SÍM Gallery as planned, and will instead be published by performance protocols to be performed anywhere, released on March 8. 2021. The project and the travel to SÍM was supported by the Danish-Icelandic Foundation.
Listening Scores [Reykjavík] is additionally featured at SÌM Projects online gallery with additional images from the process.

[July 2020] performance protocols introduces single scores and projects as "performance protocols online interventions"

performance protocols online interventions are single projects by one artist or artist entity, which is shown and activated at relevant times and in-between exhibitions and events. #1 is a the sonic meditation
Absorb by musician and composer Jane Rigler (US), released on July 23. 2020.

[June 2020] performance protocols Nordic Sessions in Copenhagen, Bergen and Helsinki postponed to 2021

Due to the current Covid19 situation, the next events in the Nordic Sessions series will be postponed to spring 2021 in Copenhagen (May 2021), Bergen (NO), and Helsinki (FI).
Dates to be announced.

[February 2020] performance protocols Nordic Sessions part I announced

performance protocols will in 2020 host a series of Nordic events under the header Nordic Sessions. These events will in each place feature performances by local artists, who create and perform their own scores or invites the audience to perform. At each event there will be an additional selection of travelling scores created by artists from other Nordic countries. These are either exhibited and / or reperformed. All scores will be included on the performance protocols online platform together with documentation from the events.

The focus of performance protocols Nordic Sessions is the distribution of instruction-based art. Nordic Sessions' first part includes events in Aalborg (DK), Copenhagen (DK), Bergen (NO), and Helsinki (FI). All events are locally anchored to bring together a palette of local artists working within the field and focus on what is happening at the given place. Working with performance instructions and text as a form is not a new thing, it is art historically rooted in fluxus and conceptual art. performance protocols will thus build on an artistic tradition based on action, processes and networks. All performance instructions and scores will be available on this online platform as an extended part of the events.

Bureaucracy, Formulars and Schematics

Venue: Nytorv 18, 4. sal, 9000 Aalborg (DK).

Artists: Jesper Olsen – Rikke Ehlers Nilsson – Scott William Raby – Sall Lam Toro – Kamilla Mez – Olof Olsson (score).
Curated by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen.

The first performance protocol Nordic Sessions event will take place in Aalborg on February 15. and 16. 2020 and will have 'bureaucracy, forms, schematics' as its theme. The event is participatory, where most of the works will invite the audience to take part. All the instructions and performances shown are rooted in an idea of bureaucratic processes, some mimic them, others distort them to the absurd. This is emphasized by the event's location, where performance protocols have moved outside the traditional art frame of an art gallery and into an office space.

Jesper Olsen (born in DK, lives and works in Aalborg) graduated from the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts 2009-14. Olsen works in many different materials and styles, and often with a conceptual focus.

Rikke Ehlers Nilsson (born in DK, lives and works in Aalborg). She graduated from Sandberg Institute, MFA, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; "George Enescu" Universitatea de Arte, Department of Photography and Video,Iaşi in Romania; and holds an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts, Odense.

Scott William Raby (born in the US, lives and works in Aalborg) is an artist, writer and researcher. He has a PhD in Practice-based research (Fine Art), Goldsmiths, University of London and has exhibited his works internationally.

Sall Lam Toro (born in Portugal, lives and works in Aarhus and Aalborg) is a performance artist who uses her body as a tool to transform places, and works primarily with poetry, video and live art. Sall Lam Toro has a BA in literature and studies MA in Gender Studies at Aalborg University.

Kamilla Mez (born in DE, lives and works in Aalborg) is a conceptual artist and holds a BA in Art and Technology from Aalborg University. She is also a co-founder of Art Room 1000fryd, Aalborg (DK).

As part of the Aalborg event, a score from another Nordic artist will be offered for local interpretation by the audience. This is created by:

Olof Olsson (SE, based in Copenhagen/DK) is a product of the charter tourism of the 1960s. His Dutch catholic mother and Swedish socialist father met on Mallorca. In his youth Olof made attempts in journalism, documentary photography, and as a radio disc jockey. After having studied languages, philosophy and translation theory, Olof studied visual art at Konstfack in Stockholm and the Royal Academy in Copenhagen. Between 1992 and 2007, Olof mainly made conceptual art. Since 2007, Olof has been focusing on spoken performances – like lectures, speeches, and info comedy.

Copenhagen (DK), rescheduled to May 2021
Walking Protocols [gå-protokoller] II

Helsinki (FI), rescheduled to September 2021

Bergen (NO), rescheduled to May 2022
Nature and Environment

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