Nordic Sessions III, Helsinki (FI), September 2021

performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3: soundings Helsinki (FI)

The first part of performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3 will be held in Helsinki from September 18.-27. 2021. The topic for this edition is soundings in performance and includes different ways to use sound as a tool, material, and theme, spanning from music compositions to performance art exploring a conceptual use of sound. This frames both amplified and non-amplified sound, performances in public space, and active listening exercises.

The performances and scores presented at the Helsinki events will activate a wide range of concepts such as e. g. a ceremony for a park, animal soundings, participation, electrical power relations, public space and safety, Krispr sounds, the sound of real-estate data, as well as the triggering of pleasure and pain. The events will take place in the art spaces Third Space (exhibition and performance sessions) and Akusmata (performance program), and outside in public space.

The artists contributing to performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3 are: Ana Gutieszca (MX/FI); Jenna Jauhiainen (FI); Essi Kausalainen (FI); Petri Kuljuntausta (FI); Tero Nauha (FI); Timo Viialainen (FI), Eero Yli-Vakkuri & Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (FI/DK). As well as remote scores by Eva Sjuve (SE), and Malte Steiner (DE/DK).

All participating artists will exhibit their scores at Third Space. The exhibition will open on September 18. and close on September 27. and includes the performance sessions “Trigger-Happy” by Jenna Jauhiainen. The performance program in Akusmata will take place on September 22. and 23. with performances by Ana Gutieszca, Petri Kuljuntausta, Tero Nauha, and Timo Viialainen as well as a participatory score by Eva Sjuve. Public space performances will be on September 18., where Essi Kausalainen performs “Cosmos Garden” at the opening event, and on September 24., where Eero Yli-Vakkuri & Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen perform their collaboration “Safety as Ambience”.

We will take all necessary Covid19 precautions to keep each other safe. These restriction might differ from location to location due to the amount of people it can accommodate to keep a safe distance, so please check for updates on social media (facebook) and on Only arrive to the events if you are feeling healthy and we encourage everyone to wear masks inside the spaces and when the situation requires it.

Overview program for performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3: Soundings, Helsinki (FI)

18.09 at 12:00-15:00 in Third Space: Opening of score exhibition

Opening of the score exhibition performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3: Soundings with works by Ana Gutieszca; Jenna Jauhiainen (FI); Essi Kausalainen (FI); Petri Kuljuntausta (FI); Tero Nauha (FI); Eva Sjuve (SE); Malte Steiner (DK/DE); Timo Viialainen (FI); Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen/Eero Yli-Vakkuri (DK/FI). Due to Covid19 there can only be few people present in the space simultaneously (waiting time can occur, so we encourage everyone to be patient and keep distance).

18.09 at 15:00, collective walk to Essi Kausalainen Cosmos Garden
After the opening we move from Third Space to Essi Kausalainen’s performance Cosmos Garden in Tähtitorninmäki park (lead by the artist).

19-21.09 & 25-27.09 at 14:00-18:00 (and by appointment) in Third Space: Score exhibition
Score exhibition performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 3: Soundings (info above).

19-21.09 & 25-27.09 in Third Space: Jenna Jauhiainen, Trigger Happy (registration required, see info below)
Jenna Jauhiainen, Trigger Happy performance sessions (appointments between 18:00-20:00).

22.09 at 18:00-21:00 in Akusmata: Performance night I (registration required, see info below)
Eva Sjuve (activated score): Krispr (Spatialized)
Tero Nauha: Current. Mix. Currents.
Timo Viialainen: What did you do as a child when the thunder cut the power?

23.09 at 18:00-21:00 in Akusmata: Performance night II (registration required, see info below).
Eva Sjuve (activated score): Krispr (Spatialized)
Ana Gutieszca: Insecta
Petri Kuljuntausta: Sonification of an Organic Growth

24.09 at 10:00 am (morning) in Tripla, Pasila: Madsen/Yli-Vakkuri, Safety as Ambience
Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen/Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Safety as Ambience, a collaborative performance in public space with a meeting point outside the Tripla Mall/Pasila Railway St. (right hand side). Please bring your mobile phone (if you have one)!

24.09 at 17:00-19:00 in Third Space: Madsen/Yli-Vakkuri, Safety as Ambience informal listening session
Madsen/Yli-Vakkuri will host an informal listening session with the results of the Safety as Ambience performance, now replayed in Third Space, making new connection points. You can drop in and out anytime during the session (due to Covid19 there can only be a few people present in the space simultaneously).

Practical information:

--- Please only come to the events if you are feeling healthy and don’t have any flu symptoms, wear a face mask in all indoor areas, and if not possible to keep safety distance to others outdoors.

--- To reserve, write full name, contact info, to which performance and day you wish to book for (reservations only required when mentioned) to: Please note, your reservation is first confirmed when you have received a confirmation email back from us! If you have registered and cannot attend anyway, please write us back so we can give the space to someone on the waiting list.

--- For the activated score by Eva Sjuve, the artist is not intended to be present, but the score should instead be activated on behalf of the artist.

--- Venue addresses:
Third Space, Tarkk'ampujankatu 18, 00150 Helsinki
Akusmata, Tukholmankatu 7 K, 00270 Helsinki
For public space performances follow the instructions in the descriptions.

Opening performance, September 18. 2021, public space
Essi Kausalainen, Cosmos Garden (2018/2021)

The performance will take place outside at Tähtitorninmäki and we will move together from Third Space to the park at 15:00.

Cosmos Garden is a site specific performance, a ceremony for a park, two singers, textiles and things. Performed originally at Châteu de Bosmelet, Normandy (2018) the piece is re-created for performance protocols with the local soil, trees, grasses and clouds in collaboration with Vilja Riutamaa and Eeva Semerdjiev.

About the Artist:

Essi Kausalainen is a Helsinki based artist whose works operate through performance, textile, text, audio and video. Collaborating with plants and fungi, artists, musician, plant biologists and children, Kausalainen’s work approaches the body as an open ended process made in, and shaped by, the complex relations with other beings, situations and environments.

Photo: Essi Kausalainen, Cosmos Garden performed at Châteu de Bosmelet, Normandy, with Frédéric Gravey and Céline Pernot. Photo by Z. Freullet.

From 19.09-21.9 and 25.09-27.09.2021, Third Space
Jenna Jauhiainen, Trigger-Happy (2021)

Performance-dates: 19., 20., 21., 25., 26., 27. September. Appointments between 18.00 and 20.00 (registration: info (at), your participation is first guaranteed when you receive a confirmation e-mail).

Trigger-Happy is an experimental and educational performance about the objective sameness and experiential difference of particular sounds. These are sounds that can both hurt and cause an almost euphoric sensation depending on the individual experiencing them.

The two primary points of reflection in this performance are selective sound sensitivity syndrome (also known as misophonia) and autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Misophonia is a condition in which particular sounds cause pain, anxiety and/or other forms of emotional distress. These triggers can in turn trigger a fight or flight response. On the other hand, ASMR is a pleasurable physical and/or emotional sensation triggered by particular sounds. The triggers both in Misophonia and ASMR can and often do include a visual component, potentially linking the two with synaesthesia.

The development and construction of Trigger-Happy has been inspired by a hypothesis suggested by Kerttu Raittila during private discussions about sound sensitivity; the idea that somehow the triggering of a disturbing emotional state by a particular sound could be turned into the triggering of the state of pleasure. Trigger-Happy is intended for anyone interested in the subjective experience of sound. The performance is structured around the sharing of personal experiences of triggering sounds and the current scientific understanding of phenomena surrounding sound sensitivity. The performance includes optional participatory elements, namely a relaxation exercise and the chewing of gum.

Trigger-Happy is performed for 1-3 individuals at a time based on a booked appointment. The performance lasts about 15 minutes, after which there is time reserved for discussion and reflection. Trigger-Happy can be performed in either Finnish or English. The gallery space is not wheelchair accessible. Upon request, Trigger-Happy can be performed remotely through a video call. The artist is hypersensitive to most fragrances and would appreciate a non-perfumed audience.

About the Artist:

Jenna Jauhiainen is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and researcher, and their artistic practice resembles the Finnish variant of Outsider art called ITE which is acronym for Itse tehty elämä, translatable as self-made life. ITE is often about its creator’s environment and lived experience. Jauhiainen’s ITE focuses especially on their experience and life online, where they also go by two performative aliases, THIN KING irl and goatsemestari online.

Jauhiainen is a founding member of HYPERREAALIYAH, and the only member of the simulation slash collective who works non-anonymously. HYPERREAALIYAH is on a mission to return to meaning via various deconstructive and expository methods. Jauhiainen’s special interests are currently: artificial intelligence, artivism, cyberfeminism, human rights, memetics, sex positivity, utopias/dystopias, war.

22.09-23.09.2021, Akusmata
Eva Sjuve, Krispr (Spatialized) (2021)

Krispr (Spatialized) is part of an ongoing investigation in everyday sounds and alternative ways to experience sound. This work is an acoustic meditation over the "displaced familiar," using a very familiar sound in Sweden that can be traced back to the Middle Ages, the sound of Krispr. This work focuses on listening and the attention of spatiality and temporality.

The background to this work is equally inspired by Foley sound production for film, and the historical avant-garde exploring the boundary of musical performance and the sonic capabilities of everyday objects with text scores, from Fluxus artists to Happenings, and the work of Pauline Oliveros. This score seeks to explore the rich sonic texture and variation that can be produced playfully, using Krispr as a spatialized sound instrument.

About the Artist:

Eva Sjuve works with sound composition, performance, and new media art. She has investigated various ways of working with sound in urban environments, exploring the perception of sonic experiences and the changing role of the audience. In her sound installations, she creates compositions from everyday sounds and sound processing, from insects to radio communications signals to investigate the use of scale and temporality in the listening experience. More recently, she has researched ways to create new kinds of embodied experiences of atmospheric pollution through the use of sound, movement, and the creative use of artificial intelligence, at venues such as Konsertkirken in Copenhagen, at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts in Daegu, South Korea, and at Open Fields Conference in Riga during 2019, among others.

22.09.2021, Akusmata
Tero Nauha, Current. Mix. Currents. (2021)

Minor experiment for theremin, analog synthesizer, curtain and fan.

"Recently my performance practice has focused extensively on the performativity of materials, be they tangible, such as fabrics, or intangible, like sound waves. In this short experiment I will mix two currents of air and sound, and with the help of ‘grounded’ curtain will play the theremin."

About the Artist:

Tero Nauha is a professor in Live Art and Performance Studies at Uniarts Helsinki, and a performance artist. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Academy of Finland funded postdoctoral research project, How To Do Things With Performance, and a postdoctoral fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies in 2017. He defended his doctoral thesis at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts in Helsinki in January 2016. His primary research interest is in the relationships between economics, artistic research, performative practices, and writing. He is a member of the Performance Philosophy Network, Performance Studies International Association, and the International Federation for Theatre Research. In 2015, he published his first fiction novel, Heresy & Provocation, for the Swedish publishing house Förlaget. His performance art projects have been presented at the Frankfurter Kunstverein, Theatrediscounter in Berlin, CSW Kronika in Bytom, Poland, and Performance Matters in London. He has actively collaborated with sound artists, performance artists, and in theatre in various contexts globally. In his artistic practice he focuses on the interstices between intangible forms and material cultures. Nauha’s researches the complex narratives that tie together global financialization, its effect on the social sphere, and the cultural knowledge production that takes place in institutions.

22.09.2021, Akusmata
Timo Viialainen, What did you do as a child when the thunder cut the power?

Thunder and rain. Rain and thunder. Somewhere where to linger and lay in. To soothe in heartache, romantic suffering, apocalyptic wishes. Some of my favorite music is written with thunder in mind. Do I really remember some of the thunderstorms of my childhood? What did I do then?

About the Artist:

Timo Viialainen works in the fields of visual art, performance art and sound art. Though most part of his work has been live performances, his contemporary work usually takes its shape in conceptual sculptures that often feature an activating element which engages the viewer. His interest lies in intuitive prelinguistic experience and contradictory concepts that can be found in the various capitalised environments in which we exist. Timo is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki.

23.09.2021, Akusmata
Ana Gutieszca, Insecta (2021)


Subtle voices
delicate bodies
melting cascades of noises

Resonating chorus
stridulating mirrors
frosts of fall(ing) silence

Deep in the dark forests exist hidden sounds. Insecta is a journey through the forests of music, where even the tiniest and most irresistible unknown sounds can be heard.

About the Artist:

Ana Gutieszca (1984) is a visual and sound artist born in the dry lands of the northern Mexican plateau. Drawing is the core of her work. By addressing the question of the animal and its ambivalent presence through symbolic thinking, she embraces the otherness. With a background in visual arts and music, she sculpts the unfathomable boundaries of drawing through the creation of analog instruments, the sonification of graphite and its deconstruction into performance art. Her music is rough as the desert, combining hypnotic brain-melting noise from self-made analogs and blistering broken techno beats from drum machines. She is also known for being a founder member of Third Space; a gallery located in the center of Helsinki where she curates the Sound Room concert series.

23.09.2021, Akusmata
Petri Kuljuntausta, Sonification of an Organic Growth (2021)
For a solo performer or group Instrumentation: for unspecified instrument/-s

Sonification is generally understood as the transformation of data into an audible form that can be sensed by the human ear. In this context, sonification means a performance in which the performer interprets the growth process produced by nature by means of sound.

The purpose of the work is to interpret organic samples (plant, root system, leaves, fruit ...) by means of sounds.
The starting point is an empty musical score with empty staves.
Place the organic sample of your choice on top of the score. Organic samples can be placed on an empty music score one at a time, or several at a time.

Place the sample on the stave(-s) so that you feel it makes sense to interpret it. However, the sample should be positioned so that the growth development of the organic sample has occurred from left to right. Just like in a score, time passes from left to right. Thus, the interpretation follows the growth development of the plant.

The performer decides how to interpret the organic sample and creates a sound work or musical interpretation from its forms. While time passes in the score from left to right, the interpreter can take liberties and also go backwards (from right to left). For example, s-/he can soundify a branch by first interpreting one side branch to the end, then returning back to the main branch and continuing on to the next side branch.

If the sample is one that does not grow in one direction but expands in every direction, for example an apple, then a linear interpretation from left to right does not apply. The interpretation should then start from the center of the fruit (its imaginary seed or starting point) and expand towards its external shape.

The score invites the performer to find imaginative interpretations of natural growth processes.

The idea of ​ the work is to interpret organic samples by means of sounds, but the starting point can be other organic material, such as ecofact or a microscope-enhanced growth process, etc.

About the Artist:

Petri Kuljuntausta’s keen interest on sound and its different dimensions has lead him to work in the several fields of art and science. He started as a composer and guitarist who played several instruments and created compositions with multitrack technology. When he moved to compose pieces from environmental sounds in the early-1990’s it was natural continuation to his development as a composer. At the same time Sound Art movement was becoming better known and Kuljuntausta started to work with sound in galleries and museums.

24.09.2021, public space performance (Tripla, Pasila) and listening session in Third Space
Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen/Eero Yli-Vakkuri: Safety as Ambience (2021)

This performance critically investigates whether public safety can be sensed as a specific ambience, manifested by certain sounds and gestures. The performance regards the city as a site of cohabitation, signified by moving bodies which maintain an awareness of each other through noise. This soundscape constructs a milieu which designates meaning to individuals passing through it and affords the formulation of particular groups. These meanings are thus negotiated through their implementation in the cityscape, where even arbitrary patterns appear through their various manifestations and connotations.

The artists will amplify and perform in relation to sound sources which constitute the soundscape of a specific site in Helsinki, the Tripla Mall and Railroad Station in Pasila. Through this engagement, movements resonate safety, care, and nourishment - and the sounds found are communicating, and even alarming, what happens both visibly and invisibly in other parts of the mall and railroad construction.

Some crucial questions are asked - how do these sounds contribute to the public's sense of safety and how can spaces be reclaimed and controlled through different means of enunciation and through the use of sound? How do we activate and absorb these sounds through our encounter with them and how is a sense of safety (re)established through our bodies’ movements?

The performance starts outside the Tripla Mall and Railway Station in Pasila. We will meet at the entrance to the right side at 10 am, where we will then move together to the performance sites. Be prepared to be asked to help with documentation and bring your mobile phone (if you have one - if not, then that is fine too). Duration approximately 40 minutes. Later on the same day, from 17:00 to 19:00 the artist will host an informal listening session in Third Space, where you can drop in and out during this timeframe (due to Covid19 there can only be a few people present in the space simultaneously).

About the Artists:

Eero Yli-Vakkuri is a recovering survivalist. In the past he made annoying street interventions which made people uncomfortable. Presently he is exploring how sounds organize communities and advancing sustainable design through campaigns. Yli-Vakkuri is a doctoral candidate at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (FI), studying contemporary equestrian culture.

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen is an artist and researcher, who works in the intersection between performance art, sound, open technology, and matter. Madsen is currently a doctoral candidate at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (FI), researching in environmental, ethico-aesthetic performance art and affective relations in the context of climate change. Madsen is additionally the founder of performance protocols, a nomadic platform for instruction-based art and collaborative processes.

18.09-27.9.2021, remote score exhibited as part of the Score exhibition in Third Space
Malte Steiner: piece for cello and real estate data (2021), this piece is planned to be re-performed in Helsinki later on (tba)

Computer generated score based on data from Berlin real estate ads, which were sampled in regular intervals over a period of time by a software Malte Steiner wrote. It automatically analysed the information and transcribed the data into musical notation for cello, mapping the rental costs to pitch, offered square meters to duration and density, and ratio price per square meter to dynamics. The resulting piece has a duration of nearly 15 minutes and illustrates the development of the housing market towards the pending burst of the real estate bubble. A gentrification process which can be seen in all bigger cities. The score is part of Malte Steiners ongoing art project The Big Crash which branches out in many forms like kinetic sculptures, sound works, paintings and VR worlds.

About the Artist:

Malte Steiner is a German media artist, electronic musician and composer, currently living in Aalborg in Denmark. Steiner started creating electronic music and visual art around 1983, developing his own vision of the interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk. Started 2019 to work on the art project The Big Crash, reflecting on the housing crisis, urban development and gentrification. Physical exhibitions in Aarhus and Aalborg, Denmark and Bergen, Norway. The Virtual Reality version was included in several online exhibitions like Sound Campus, shown at Ars Electronica 2020, and the XR Music section of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2021.

About performance protocols

performance protocols is a nomadic platform for instruction-based performance art and collaborative practices which opened its first online exhibition Walking Protocols I (INT) in June 2019. In February 2020, came the first in a series of Nordic Sessions, where bureaucratic protocols were presented and performed in Aalborg (DK). In May 2021, Walking Protocols II took place in Copenhagen (DK). After the Helsinki edition, future performance protocols Nordic Sessions will take place in Bergen (NO) in May 2022. performance protocols is organized and curated by artist and researcher Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (DK).

performance protocols Nordic Sessions is supported by the Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Council of Ministers, and Nordic Culture Fund (Opstart).