Nordic Sessions IV, Bergen (NO), May 2022

performance protocols Nordic Sessions # 4: Bergen (NO)

This edition will be in collaboration with Performance Art Bergen and be a PAB Lokal event which will take place at Skomakerdiket, Fløyen, in Bergen (NO) with a focus on natural/cultural environments. This theme explores what nature-culture relations mean in an environmental context, and here specifically in the context of the location - having nature nearby though shaped by its cultural context and infrastructures for city-dwellers and tourists.

For this event, we have invited two members of PAB to create and perform instruction-based performances that deal with the environment in relation to Bergen's positioning with nature and culture colliding, how they affect each other. These two artists are: Hans Christian van Nijkerk (NO) and Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (NO/SE).

performance protocols will also include remote scores from two Nordic artists invited by the curator, which will be actions offered for local interpretation. These two artists are: Elina Vainio (FI) and Maja Gade (DK)

- Hans Christian van Nijkerk, #influenced

Hans Christian van Nijkerk (b.1982, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) is a performance artist, visual artist and musician who lives in Stavanger, Norway. After a successful career as middle-distance runner and years of gaining stage experience through music performances, he studied at the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art. In his performances, he inhabits a variety of stage personas ranging from energetic and charismatic motivational speakers to more introverted eccentrics. Both serious and playful, he toys with the audience. Voluntarily or involuntarily they become test subjects for his social experiments through their predictable or unpredictable reactions (or lack thereof), following or disobeying instructions and games. Website:

van Nijkerk about the work #influenced: Influencers. Nature. When these visual elements meet they transcend into a higher unity which is uploaded into the digital cloud, where their message can be preached to the masses: be inspired by my brand. Buy the clothes, the jewelry, the watch and my skin products. I’m actually just like you – we could be friends, you and I. And you can be just like me if you just try to copy me. In the interactive performance work #influenced, Hans Christian van Nijkerk invites the audience at Skomakerdiket to pose in front of the camera, alone and as a group – like Norwegians often pose on their instagram photos when they’re hiking, or like influencers pose on photos when they’re in more urban environments. This will likely turn out to be quite embarrassing. And ridiculous. Perhaps even beautiful. But what’s the worst that could happen?

- Ingeborg Blom Andersskog, When I move I change (a score to be performed by another member of PAB)

Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (b. 1983, Norway) holds a bachelor degree in ceramics and a master degree in fine art from The National Academy of Arts in Bergen and Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China. Since graduating in 2015 she has been living and working between Malmö in Sweden and Norway. Andersskog has been exhibiting nationally and internationally over the past years. At the moment she is working towards a solo show at Gallery Gerlesborg in Sweden, and going on a residency together with the international artist group Mother Tongue at Medalta in Canada. Website:

Statement: Ingeborg Blom Andersskog (NO/SE) works with performance, drawing, text and installations, often combining several of them into one project or work. The time and action of making plays an important role, where the dialogue between the material and her body, with their abilities and restrictions, work as a framework for her process driven practice. Through different mediums she plays with visual and haptic contradictions. Inspired by the philosophy of Slow Art, she uses repetition and makes rules that serve as limitations. These can also be seen as rituals. Through her works she explores different ways of relating to the concept of time.

- Elina Vainio, Nosewitness (considering circulations)

Elina Vainio’s artistic work functions in the shadow zones of the modern, Western, human-centred worldview. Her pieces often bring to the fore the inadequacy of knowledge and language in understanding the world, the fragility of life, and the connection between humans and nature. Vainio’s installations, which often are site-specific, have in recent times found their materiality thought textiles, sand and incense. Vainio’s conceptual practice relies on intuition, and the characteristics of her chosen materials. Vainio has graduated from the Uniarts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts and the Chelsea College of Art. Vainio lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Website:

Vainio about the performance score Nosewitness (considering circulations): The incense is made from dried moss and spruce resin collected from over 100-year-old Norwegian spruce trees (Picea abies) from Central Finland. I was drawn to the idea of how the burning of incense would provide its own understated 'meta performance' which, at the same time, would open up a space and time to consider smaller and larger loops of life's circulation or support systems that are self-evident and therefore overlooked (organic growth/decay, blood circulation, planetary orbits etc.) The incense burns for approx. 20 minutes and the audience is free to wander around, no need to stare at the incense the whole time.

- Maja Gade, Colour Mapping of Stones

Maja Gade works with landscapes and the materials which shape them. This has developed into several installations performed in landscapes. Colour Mapping of Stones is an ongoing project in different locations. The colour maps have been made in Iceland, The Netherlands, Italy and several places in Denmark and now Norway. Gade has graduated from the Jutland Academy for fine Arts, and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Website:

An audiencebased Color Mapping of Stones will be facilitatet and performed at Nordic Sessions # 4.

In the afternoon on May 28. there will be an informal discussion about collaborations and instructions with Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen/ performance protocols and Performance Art Bergen.

Schedule for the event:

Kl. 13 Welcome

Kl. 13.15-16.00 Maja Gade, Color Mapping of Stones (processual participant-based performance)

Kl. 13.30-ca. 14.30 Hans Christian van Nijkerk, #influenced

Kl. 14.40-ca. 15.00 - Elina Vainio, Nosewitness (performed By Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen)

Kl. 15.10- Ingeborg Blom Andersskog, When I move I change (performed by Anette Friedrich Johannessen)

Kl. 16.00- Informal conversation about collaborative practices and performance scores

Practical info:

The artistic director and curator of performance protocols is artist and researcher Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (born in DK, lives and works in Aalborg/DK & Helsinki/FI). Madsen curates this edition of PAB Local.

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) is a membership organization for performance artists and others interested in visual performance. More about PAB:

performance protocols Nordic Sessions is supported by the Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Council of Ministers, and Nordic Culture Fund (Opstart).