performance protocols

Jane Rigler "Absorb" (2020)

statement / about the work

- a sonic meditation for all

Allow yourself to feel comfortable,
Breath naturally.
Then, begin to
Rub your hands together vigorously, gathering warmth and good energy.

Slow down the speed and imagine you are washing your hands with warm sudsy water, cleaning every part of your hands, fingers, nails. Notice how this feels.

Change the speed.
Change the orientation of your hands to discover a completely new way of rubbing hands together.

Listen leisurely to the changes of sounds in your actions. Breath.

Begin to rub the wrist, arms, elbows, under the arms, shoulders, neck...
Without stopping, allow the changes in the sound to direct you to the next change.
Take your time. What does this sound like?

Continue to rub, stroke, swipe, polish, wipe, massage and perhaps pat distinct areas of your body in new ways, using all parts of the hands and fingers, always returning to your breath. Sitting or standing comfortably, notice your breath.

Listen with wonder to how the sounds change. Slow down.

On an exhale. begin to hum along with the sounds you hear. Allow the humming to evolve into melodies that adapt, reshape, transform and guide your movements. Do words or vocalizations come to mind?

Stroke, smear, smudge, pat, massage the songs you hum into your body, absorbing and integrating this cleansing ritual into your being.

Variation: Imagine you are rubbing, stroking, massaging and tapping this healing into those you love, the objects around you, the Earth and the cosmos beyond. What does this sound like?

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