Petri Kuljuntausta "Sonification of an Organic Growth" (2021)

about the artist

For a solo performer or group Instrumentation: for unspecified instrument/-s

Sonification is generally understood as the transformation of data into an audible form that can be sensed by the human ear. In this context, sonification means a performance in which the performer interprets the growth process produced by nature by means of sound.

The purpose of the work is to interpret organic samples (plant, root system, leaves, fruit ...) by means of sounds.
The starting point is an empty musical score with empty staves.
Place the organic sample of your choice on top of the score. Organic samples can be placed on an empty music score one at a time, or several at a time.

Place the sample on the stave(-s) so that you feel it makes sense to interpret it. However, the sample should be positioned so that the growth development of the organic sample has occurred from left to right. Just like in a score, time passes from left to right. Thus, the interpretation follows the growth development of the plant.

The performer decides how to interpret the organic sample and creates a sound work or musical interpretation from its forms. While time passes in the score from left to right, the interpreter can take liberties and also go backwards (from right to left). For example, s-/he can soundify a branch by first interpreting one side branch to the end, then returning back to the main branch and continuing on to the next side branch.

If the sample is one that does not grow in one direction but expands in every direction, for example an apple, then a linear interpretation from left to right does not apply. The interpretation should then start from the center of the fruit (its imaginary seed or starting point) and expand towards its external shape.

The score invites the performer to find imaginative interpretations of natural growth processes.

The idea of ‚Äč the work is to interpret organic samples by means of sounds, but the starting point can be other organic material, such as ecofact or a microscope-enhanced growth process, etc.

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