Anette Friedrich Johannessen

Anette Friedrich Johannessen is a performance and video artist living in Bergen, Norway. She hold a BFA from Camberwell College of Arts, London. In Bergen Anette is today head of board of Performance Art Bergen and is one of the co-organizers of Public performances in Bergen and the district around the city, called Open Sessions. Her artistic practice is highly inspired by Opens Sessions, where the main concept is that art in public space is an expression of democratic thought, where art can, and should, be a shared experience.

Most of Anette Friedrich Johannessen's projects has a strong focus on identity, our connection to nature and our society and technology / industry. They question the evolution we see the world is moving towards, our relationship with nature and the changes that take place with it and how we as individuals should adapt where we stand with one foot in our instinctive nature and another in development and technological progress.

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