Jenna Jauhiainen

Jenna Jauhiainen is a multidisciplinary artist, writer and researcher, and their artistic practice resembles the Finnish variant of Outsider art called ITE which is acronym for Itse tehty elämä, translatable as self-made life. ITE is often about its creator’s environment and lived experience. Jauhiainen’s ITE focuses especially on their experience and life online, where they also go by two performative aliases, THIN KING irl and goatsemestari online.

Jauhiainen is a founding member of HYPERREAALIYAH, and the only member of the simulation slash collective who works non-anonymously. HYPERREAALIYAH is on a mission to return to meaning via various deconstructive and expository methods. Jauhiainen’s special interests are currently: artificial intelligence, artivism, cyberfeminism, human rights, memetics, sex positivity, utopias/dystopias, war.

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