Kristoffer Ørum "According to the Nose" (2021)

about the artist

Kristoffer Ørum’s According to the Nose (Ifølge Næsen) is a performative concept which provides opportunities to consider what life would look like if you were a nose, where you literally can become a nose. At the performance protocols Nordic Sessions event "walking protocols II" (gå-protokoller), you could borrow a nose-shaped mask with a built-in audio guide for a walk in the area around Lokale, where the event had its anchoring point. Multiple manifestations of nose-walkers experienced this during the weekend of May 8. and 9. 2021, activating a sensous apparatus which can enhance awareness when walking future walks in the city. Even though the event is over, the experience lives on and you can here print out and fold your own nose-mask and listen to the audio-guide, available here on the performance protocols website.

The audio for the walk can be found here:

Link to print out a nose for the walk: AccordingToTheNose.pdf

According to the Nose is supported by The Danish Art Council and “Københavns Kommunes Råd for Visuel Kunst”.
Photos by Malte Steiner and Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen.